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Thursday Evening Class Times

First Timers: 7.00pm Puppies (under 5 months of age): 7.00pm Socialisation: 7.30pm Basic Dog Training Class: 7.55pm Intermediate Class: 7.55pm Advanced Class: 7.55pm

Sunday Morning Class Times

First Timers: 10.00am Puppies (under 5 months of age): 10.00am Socialisation: 10.30am Basic Class: 10.55am Intermediate Class: 10.55am Advanced Class: 10.55am

Heat Policy

All classes cancelled.

Thursday Evening Class Times

In Home lessons 7 days a week.

Silver Membership $290
Gold Membership $700

Dog Boarding and training cost :Our standard dog boarding in Melbourne costs $1090.00 and lasts for 12 days (dog boarding school).