Dog Training Schools Melbourne

At Eastern Companion Dog Training, we pride ourselves on being able to assist and train all dogs.

Established in 1997, we’re a group of experienced dog trainers whose sole purpose is to help our clients train their dogs for their individual needs. We focus on real life training, where a dog is trained to behave as much in the house as down at the local shops, beach, or park.We also specialise in the curing of behavioural problems, from barking or destructive issues through to issues involving aggression. We do not reject any dogs, no matter their behaviour, breed or gender.

We strive to provide excellent customer service; our staff are always friendly and welcoming, providing personalised learning to all of our pups and dogs. We have a variety of training options available, including Group and Puppy Training Classes, In Home Lessons, and Dog Boarding School, to cater our training to the individual needs of our customers.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is to use the required technique that best suits our customers’ individual needs. We pride ourselves on having an in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date training techniques from around the world through extensive research. We can alter our training as each customer requires in all our training platforms. No two customers will ever train exactly the same. We do not seek to tell our customers how they must own a dog, but rather seek to get the dog to behave as the customer wishes.

We have also sought to make our dog training very family friendly. We include all members of the family in the training. We use techniques at every step of our training programs that are simple to follow and understand, so that all members of the family can participate.

If you would like to learn more about us or any of our dog training services, please feel free to call us anytime on (03) 9723 4387.

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