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Dog Obedience Classes in Melbourne

Canine companions can provide an immense amount of joy, but they can also be a real nuisance if they haven’t been properly trained. Training dogs to be obedient and well-behaved is vital, which is why Eastern Companion Dog Training offers various options for dog obedience training in Melbourne. With the help of our trainers, you can take control to eliminate bad behaviours in your dog and nip pesky habits in the bud. With group classes and in-home classes available, it’s never been easier to book a dog obedience class to help improve the behaviour of your four-legged friend.

Group Training Classes

This will not be a surprise to anyone who has been attending classes recently.  After 27 years of operating Dog Training Classes, we have made the difficult decision to make 2023 the last year we will run our Dog Training and Puppy Classes.

We have had the pleasure of seeing so many puppies grow into well behaved dogs and supported so many clients with not only their first but sometimes second, third and even fourth dogs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers who attended over the 27 years. We simply would not have had the success we have had without all of you.

It has been extremely enjoyable to have run our classes, to have met so many people and seen so many dogs loved and trained over so many years. Not many people are as privileged to have been successful doing something they have truly enjoyed.

On our first night running classes at Norwood it was 38 degrees and we had 3 dogs attend. At our peak we had over 200 dogs a week attending classes.  We have been very lucky to enjoy such times.

We understand that this will be upsetting too many people; we hope however that people will understand that we have not made this decision lightly.  I know many of you will be asking why we have decided to finish and in the end, there is not one singular reason but instead several reasons, including but not limited to changes to cost and coverage in insurance, limited location options to run classes and substantial increases to the costs of running classes.  Some of you may also be aware that one of our senior trainers has been diagnosed with a very serious health issue.

Over the years we have committed long hours and our weekends to running classes, as we get older it is time for us to wind back a little.   All good things must, unfortunately, come to an end.

Post 2023 we will continue to offer ”in home” lessons as well as the “dog boarding school” to help our customers with their training needs going forward.  We will also be seeking to offer new services in the future and will announce these on our website as well as our Facebook page as soon as we are able to.

Our last class will run on Sunday the 10th of December 2023. If you have ever been to our classes and would like to drop in and say goodbye please drop by between 10am and 12pm on the 10th. Our last session will be a bit of a celebration of the last 27 years. We would love to see anyone that has enjoyed the classes over this time.

If anyone would like to discuss this further call us on (03) 9723 4387.

On Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, we hold group dog obedience classes in Melbourne for dogs and puppies alike. The first lesson is free of charge, but subsequent lessons require you to pay for one of 3 membership levels – bronze, silver or gold. Held on a sealed basketball court area with full lighting and undercover areas, our lessons are run by qualified instructors who boast the necessary skills and experience to deliver the best dog obedience training in Melbourne. Our classes involve socialising a dog, alleviating fears of everyday objects, and rectifying behavioural problems within a safe and controlled environment. To learn more about our group dog obedience classes, click here.

In-Home Training Classes

At Eastern Companion Dog Training, we also provide in-home dog obedience training in Melbourne. These focused one-on-one sessions are conducted in the privacy and comfort of your own home at a time that best suits you. Because they are tailored to your specific needs and allow you to benefit from the trainer’s full attention, in-home dog obedience classes in Melbourne offer fast and effective results that can often be more economical in the long run. To learn more about our in-home dog obedience training, click here.

Book a Dog Obedience Class Today

If your four-legged friend keeps jumping up, nipping or exhibiting other bad behaviours, choose Eastern Companion Dog Training for dog obedience classes in Melbourne. You can trust our professional and friendly trainers to achieve fast results. Book your free first group class today, or find out more about our dog obedience class options by calling (03) 9723 4387 or contacting us online.

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